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E-Line makes use of a newly discovered mode of propagation that is supported by a single conductor. Unlike traditional transmission lines where E and H fields are perpendicular to the direction of propagation between two conductors.  E-Line is a surface wave transmission line (SWTL) operating on a single conductor where the E field has a  longitudinal component.  This unique technology allows unprecedented transmission line characteristics even when coupled onto standard, utility-grade power lines.  Compared to traditional transmission line techniques, E-Line has excellent frequency coverage (20 MHz - past 100 GHz), much lower attenuation than coaxial cable, very flat group delay, and low distortion.  An introduction to the theory, measurement, operation and application of this mode of propagation to practical systems:  Introduction to the Propagating Wave on a Single Conductor 

Animation of E-Fields on a simplified model of a small E-Line™ system.  (animation)
Coax Cable and
E-Line Frequency Response to 20 GHz