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How is E-Line Different?
Power line communication (PLC) is the broad term for impressing a modulated carrier signal onto an electric grid. Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) typically refers to the method defined by IEEE P1901 which is in contrast to E-Line's surface wave propagation and operation at much higher frequencies.

E-Line is a new surface wave transmission technique which differs from a previous one known as Goubau line where insulation around the conductor is required.

BPL E-Line
- uses 2 conductors
- restricted to frequencies < 80MHz
- can operate on buried power lines
- can interfere with other services
- can be affected by other services
- can be used in low-voltage
  HomePlug applications
- uses a single overhead conductor
- frequencies from 20 MHz through millimeter
- data rates > 1 Gbps
- operates at the native frequencies of many communication networks
- low attenuation
- allows distributed antenna system
- operates on medium-voltage power
  distribution lines without interference